Fresh Start - Meet Christeena

Can you give us a little bit of background about yourself?

My name is Christeena, I’m 19 years old and I was born in Jamaica. I’ve only been in the UK for about 3 years now, I moved here in 2014 at the age of 16. I've been living in London for about 3 years. I’ve recently moved out of London because of house pricing, and other complications that occurred. My hobbies are going out and meeting new people, I watch a lot of Netflix in my spare time when I am not doing coursework or working. My favourite things to watch on Netflix are comedic and romantic movies, I don’t really like action movies and things like that.


What was the reason for moving from Jamaica to the uk?


The reason is a bit personal. I was living with my father and grandma back in Jamaica and they unfortunately both passed away in 2014. After they died, I wasn't homeless, but I had no one really to stay with. My siblings are older and had university and other commitments so I couldn’t really live with them. I didn’t want to be a bother to anyone. So my mum was like, “it’s time for you to come and live with me.”and I was like “ok…” and then, yeah, I came here.​


How was life in Jamaica? 


Jamaica was very nice. I really enjoyed living there. I didn’t miss my mum as we talked everyday, so it wasn’t’t a bad relationship. She always came to visit me when she could like, every year or so. The schooling in Jamaica is so different compared to the schooling in England. In Jamaica schooling is much more disciplined, they don’t get to do certain stuff that kid here get away with for free. Schooling in Jamaica is expensive so you actually cannot afford to miss school because you have to pay for GCSEs or CXC, as they’re called in jamaica. So you don’t have time to waste, mate! Also, if you do not pass at a certain level you have to repeat that year with the younger children.


When you first moved to England did you find it hard to adapt?

Oh yeah, definitely. When I first came it was a bit weird for me, I really didn’t understand much about the culture, and what people actually do. It was honestly a bit hard for me.  


What are your future aspirations?

In the future I want to be a business owner, or I would like to be in the human resources department, later becoming a manager. I’ve always enjoyed being in the business field, which is why I am studying business at college. After completing this course I would like to go to university and get my degree in business management.


You said that you wanted to become a future business owner. Do you know what kind of business you would like to go into?

First I am thinking about going to into the hair industry, maybe buying and selling hair for those who like wearing hair extensions and wigs, and for those who like having natural hair, I would source natural hair product to help them care for their hair. I would also like to do clothing because I like fashion. People like feeling nice, so I would have a different range of clothing styles. I really enjoy making and seeing people happy, especially with how they look.


Do you have any plans to move back to Jamaica?

Not to live, but to visit. The reason being is that job opportunities are not as great in Jamaica as they are here in England. I know people who have left school with their CXC, but don’t have a job, as there are not much job opportunities in Jamaica for teenagers, and i’m not going to settle for something that is not going to benefit me. Maybe when I retire I could go and live in Jamaica, but for now I am young and I need to make money. I have a better chance of earning in England.





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