The word KYCHAN means Kyrah and Channan - the founders of the company. These two young ladies are sisters that founded Kychan Ltd in October 2013 at a very young age of 8 and 13. Kychan is self-funded and it creates wonderful opportunities, memories, inspires confidence and provides work experience through their teen magazine - KYCHAN TEEN MAGAZINE, workshops for young people, and more.  


Kychan was started as a way of giving back to society of all that has been given to them, especially Channan. 


Kychan Teen is a free monthly lifestyle magazine for teenagers by teenagers. Featuring affordable fashion, technology, teen trends, nutritional advice and career advice from professionals, interviews with inspirational adults from all communities to sow aspirations into the future generation, interviews with young people doing fabulous things, showcasing the works of young people, competitions and more. 

Our Aims and objectives are to give young people from ages 9 to 18 the opportunity to be part of a team that provides information about themselves and teenage lifestyle to others. To provide knowledge of health and wellbeing including beauty tips and product reviews as well as raising awareness of different illnesses and health concerns.

We provide work experience for young people such as writing articles, Modelling for our fashion features, journalism, devote tactics to increase subscribers, holding roles within the company e;g: fashion buyer, logistic distribution and more. 

We have received positive feedback from the teenagers who are a part of our growing team who have shared that they have learnt the following: learning about deadliness, commitment and accountability, understandingteam work, goal setting, punctuality, and networking




Channan, is a thriving 18 year old entrepreneur and HIV Activist. Born in November 1999, to parents who were drug addicts. At 6 months of age, doctors diagnosed Channan with HIV which she contracted at birth. She was fostered by her current adopted mum. Channan experienced a difficult childhood being bullied at both home by her brother and primary school. After moving area, she started to get her life back on track, where she would enjoy secondary school and was empowered to start her own business at just 14. Channan created Kychan Magazine for Teens, a lifestyle and events company that aims to inspire and promote young people’s talent and opportunities. Her work ethic is incredible as she has spent 4 years reaching over 10,000 readers! 


Unfortunately by year 9 her immune system began to decline which resulted in her missing some of her GCSE’s and being diagnosed with Cognitive Delay, Dyslexia, and Dyspraxia. Growing up Channan was encouraged to keep her HIV diagnosis quiet, however after seeing various media outlets portraying HIV as an illness for gay males and adding to the stigma she was compelled to start speaking out. 


Channan’s activism included poems at Church congregations, assemblies at schools, letters to the Prime Ministers, fundraising events for HIV charities and educational talks for young people. In Early 2017 Channan launched her own YouTube Channel. 


HIV is still an issue, stigma is still an issue but Channan is making tremendous progress and she is here to try and continue to make a change. Channan’s YouTube moto is BE HAPPY, BE INCREEDIBLE AND BE VICTORIOUS. 

Kyrah is a very passionate, and caring 14-year-old. She was born in early 2004, a very severe drugs withdrawal baby. She was fostered into the same care as one of her older siblings Channan and started her early years having fun outdoors. 


Kyrah's passions are music and art. She can play the guitar, piano, and the drums and is very creative. She loves to watch movies especially those of Marvel but unfortunately due to being a young career has missed out on some opportunities in life, which compelled her to start her own business along with her sister at just age 9. 









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